Lovely poignant tunes, from lands of the midnight sun.

I have no idea how I stumbled across the website of a Finnish chap called Mikael H.

Maybe i even got it off a music blog like this, in which case props to whoever.

"Sunny Day" is off his record Sounds of Siberia which just found a label: Powertool Records

But if you go to his old site:

you can find 4 mp3s from a yet to be released record about his experiences living in New Zealand.

"Be Warm" is especially good, as is "Aeroplane".

This guy has real talent. He channels Elliot Smith, Garfunkel, some Arlo Guthrie. And who's weepier than Elliot Smith? An Elliot Smith from Finland is who. Cause no one is truly happy in Finland, the best they can shoot for is droll. Just like the Moomintroll, Finlands melancholy answer to Barney.

When it comes to all things Moomintroll and the Finnish experience, no one speaks with the direct elqouence

of Wizznutzz intern Jarkko Ruutu:

In his November 6, 2003 post, Jarkko mourns the trading of Washington Wizards center Jahidi White.

Be sure to check out his Flash tribute. Its as stark and unsettling as the Karelian isthmus on a midwinters night:

I was saying good man Jahidi White hes going to this place Phoenix now. And we must all be sad but no one can be as sad as I because for Finland Hanno Mottola is making us very proud for the NBA, but our hearts have a space for Jahidi most ofall, which is even why I am winzzutzz intern.

Fate! and sadness

I will tell you about Moomintroll. (But in finland we spell Muumintroll.) Muumintrolls are what makes finland from going bad in dark - darkness that winter has for us each year. Tove Jansson, I hope she rests, made the Moomitroll books for 30 languages and loved by all of Europe!!

All that knows the fear of nights of winter that seem they will never go.

The dark is like smoke and black paint in the brain

But moomintroll makes everything allright... For they are round, and wonderfully mild!

A Moomintroll is small and shy and fat, and has a Moominpappa and a Moominmamma. Moomins live in forests of Finland. They like Jasminlive sunshine and sleep right through the winter with no demon dreams. The snow falls and falls and falls and where they live, until their houses are like great snowballs!! But when spring comes, up they jump!!! Sometimes I spend whole week in bed in winter -- not even to wake for fish! -- imagining my excellent adventures in Moominland.

I talk long to say one thing for you. For Jahidi white is Moomintroll of NBA for all of finland. That is why. Jahidi white for me and for Finland is like Moominpappa: of course, here he is! you all know him by now. Here he is in a pensive mood!!! Hah, what laughs! What will we do without Moominpappas imperturbability--good word, what!

Good Jahidi, goodbye for now. You are a human island I know it. Also I hope in Phoenix he finds friend like Steve Blake was for. Ah, "Too-ticky" was moomoinpappas friend in books. Much addicted to bathing-houses, the seaside in every particular, in fact, and quite a philosopher in a way!!!!

So I have made with my heart for all I have left in there: A TRIBUTE TO OUR FRIEND JAHIDI WHITE.

More than you know. I made this in flash and with my heart so please excuse again!

And so if you would like to know more about Moomins here are some places to look at:

Here and here but most of all you muist go here to Help Save the Moomintrolls on the internet!

Al MacInnes is no doubt Australia's Moominpappa.

He's my cousin and his fingers are dextrous, his buttocks pliant. His longtime collaboration with songwriter/singer Dan Warner is the stuff of chaturbate legend in Melbourne. "Isle of Hop" was their record of around 7 years ago, and Im not sure how to buy a copy these days but you can email Al from his website and Im sure he'll trade you one for something special.

"Wilhelm" is easily the best song about a dog Ive ever heard. But if you don't have a dog, its just as meaningful if you pretend its about Hollywood personality Billy Bob Thornton.

More recently Dan Warner has worked with Kevin Garant, and you can preview and buy their efforts here.

Their Dont Change/Elvis EP includes a tite alt-country version of the INXS classic "Don’t Change."

The Black Moses, The Hammer, and the Preacher Man

They've got their own kind of mean game...

Three Tough Guys directed by Duccio Tessari & Unknown Director, 1974 Paramount

starring Isaac Hayes, Fred Williamson, Lino Ventura

Ex-convict and priest Father Charlie teams up with framed ex-cop Lee Stevens (Hayes) to set the record straight about a dead friend. Williamson stars as bad guy Joe Snake, responsible for framing Stevens and takes out prostitute Fay Collins (Kelly) in order to grab her secret $1,000,000 stash. Father Charlie and Stevens soon settle the score.

This great Ike Hayes instrumental was famously sampled by the Geto Boys in their Gangsta classic.

I'll post some more great soul tunes sampled by those scary Bushwick bastards in the morrow. Busy watching this debate. Why doesn't somebody ask Bush about the Spider Holes? You think those things are gonna fill themselves in?

Race over to Byron Bitchlaces asap to DLoad a couple great takes on "Mind Playin Tricks On Me":

A priceless Geto Boys St Ides commercial, and a G Unit update on the song (September 1st and 4th posts)

Music versatility

With great songs and great playing, Dan and Kev bring a wealth of versatility, wit and international experience to their music.

After the demise of Crowded House, Dan and Kev played with drummer, Paul Hester, in the spin-off band, The Largest Living Things. Before that Kev toured with other internationals such as Sting and Hall and Oates. Dan played in acclaimed Australian bands, The Warner Brothers and Overnight Jones. Dan has also written charting songs for a number of international Australian acts such as Renee Geyer and Tiddas.

Now relocated to NYC, Dan and Kev have extended their American audience, playing several successful national tours to Boston, New England, Atlantic City and LA. While in LA the duo attracted the attention of the producers of the new VH1 smash TV series, Bands On The Run. Accordingly, a song from Dan and Kev's debut album, The Magic Rider was selected for the soundtrack of the show.

Extremely versatile (quick and easy to set up) Dan and Kev can play either as a duo with no backline, or with their band The Deadset Friendlies. That versatility has enabled the duo to tour with international artists such as Sheryl Crow and Michelle Shocked. Dan and Kev have also opened shows for various acclaimed artists including Lucinda Williams and Tony Joe White. They have also played several successful international tours of their own.

The Gentle Soul

The Gentle Soul were a brief lived '60s duo that put out one album that plays exactly as you would expect something by a band called Gentle Soul to sound. In fact this sex chat record possesses an archetypal sound in its distilled folkiness. All you Belle and Sebastian softc**ks will looove this record.

The band - essentially the singing and songwriting duo of Rick Stanley and Pamela Polland made a single record, and it's a goodie. Combining coffeehouse folk and sunshine pop with a daub of psychedelia, The Gentle Soul recalls a time when innocence did not necessarily mean inane and soft rock did not necessarily mean softheaded. Terry Melcher's billowy production - all perfectly plucked acoustics, chiming harpsichords and trilling flutes - fully complements Stanley and Polland's close harmonies, which paint bright aural colors on songs like the woozy "Young Man Blue," the delicate "Renaissance" and the soaring "Flying Thing," written by onetime member Jackson Browne."

"Overture" doesn't really showcase the duo that well, as its an instrumental, but it does showcase a young Ry Cooder on guitar.

It also reminds me of acoustic Led Zep along the way, especially the last few seconds which really reminds me of something Led Zep, possibly "The Rain Song."

Sundazed reissued the album recently with a ton of bonus tracks, including all the groups singles.

I always liked Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" as a kid, at least until I was old enough to drink when my Thanksgiving traditions suddenly changed.